New York Excerpt

Landing in New York I immediately feel at home, at ease. I have a undying connection with this city one that flickers each time I return. When I arrived the sky glistened with different shades of orange and yellow, I was mesmerized, it felt as if God painted it just for me. New York City is… Continue reading New York Excerpt


You can’t go back in time

Life has been moving pretty fast, with summer soon approaching and it already being April-- I am suddenly hit with this tristful feeling, regret, I guess one would say. Not merely regret of what I haven’t done or have done, but the moment in which I could’ve done differently. Sure they probably sound like the… Continue reading You can’t go back in time


 May 1st 2000. 9:20 pm. It was 60 degrees in Wichita Kansas, the moon was waning. Mikinley Elise was born.  Fast forward 17 years and I'm the ripe age of seventeen I believe I am a somewhat wise seventeen year old and throughout my seventeen years of life I have learned a few things, a… Continue reading 17