About Me

It’s just me…and you of course

Ciao my names┬áMimi Elise (me) and this is my platform to share my thoughts, ideas, and discoveries. I am sixteen years old and a Taurus. I live on an island, but it’s in Alabama so it’s not as glamorous as one may think. I have a dream of influencing others and changing the world, which I believe is what i’m destined to do. My goal is to be happy. I enjoy adventure to the core of my existence, but I am not faced with as many opportunities right now as I for see in my future. So until then I am working hard to be the best Rainbow Child I can possibly be.

Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset
Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

This blog is one of the places I truly can be Mimi Elise without any disturbances. You will find mainly lifestyle content here. Not touching and main subject more than the other. This is including healthful recipes (vegan), favourites, daily activities, stories, advice, visual art, and anything else you can squeeze into those broad categories. I am not strict in anything I participate in so this is just a backbone to what I can predict so far.


I hope to will join me in this journey to figure out how to change the world and become who we are supposed to be.