Essay Graveyard

I did online school for my eleventh grade year, and although I do regret it i’m sure it probably taught me a thing or two and may have served some type of underlying purpose in my life.

I have always been very much in love with writing and using words to captivate; from writing stories of great adventures in my early years to having to write essays now. Either way I try to twist the boundaries and create a memorable piece.

In English 11 I took my love for writing into account and really delved into that. I wanted to share some of the essays and work I wrote so it doesn’t just go to complete waste. (I lost the majority of them, but here are a few!)


Anytime I had the chance to write about Veganism I took it. There was more than a few times, here are two essays– Unawareness and Why Veganism, Though?

vegan 123.PNG



My assignment was to write about something that has been passed down to you that has a significant and sentimental value in your eyes.

IMG_4234 2.PNG

I forever wish I could retrieve my other things, thank you for taking your time to read some of my conjured thoughts. I hope you enjoyed… even merely a bit, Until next time-

Disclaimer: These essays did include all the cosmetic features displayed in most everyday proper essays– including MLA format, citations, etc. I have cut these things out as they are unnessecary in my mind (I deemed them this way).




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