Fasting for Five Days

For me the New Year has just begun, why? Simply because over the relaxing yet gruesome holidays I have fell off my ideal “lifestyle” more than a few times. With this being said I decided to restart and refresh my body by doing a water fast.

A water fast is when you only drink water for a certain time span, this can go from a day to forty days or  even more… Fasting has a very mixed range of feelings some people think its killing you and others say its actually making you live longer.

I researched it (recommend you do the same) and read nothing but good things. It cleanses your body of toxins because of the energy your body would usually spend on digesting foods it will ‘now’ spend on healing your body, gets rid of addiction, delivers mental clarity, and connects you spiritually. To me those are nothing but good things, but to each their own.

I believe food is almost a distraction, what I mean by this is most people go overboard. Most people eat for taste and to mask or deal with their problems instead of eating for health. I think fasting can change that and refurbish your negative relationship with food and allow you to be more connected to yourself and the world around you.

I have dabbled in fasting before and enjoyed the benefits it brought (the daniel fast and intermittent fasting), but I wanted to test my self control more and strengthen my connection to God. So I set out to drink only water for five days.

Side-note: Some say “God would not want you to starve yourself.”, “God wants you to be healthy and eat.”, “Humans have to eat.”, “Don’t skip meals.” blah blah blah. First, fasting is proven to be healthy and the point of fasting is to be disciplined and lean on God instead of your everyday material objects. Delve into your feelings and ask a ‘greater power’ for help when you’re feeling anything, in my case God. Second, as far back as the stone age we ate to survive maybe this would mean not eating for a few days until you found that ox to kill. Now a days we have programmed our bodies to be dependent and weak. To rely on food. Don’t get me wrong I love food as much as the next guy, but I just want to train my body to be stronger and capable of more just incase you know an apocalypse happens. I want to eat food that is good for me and that will help when I need it not just eat what I want when I want.


Again I’ve practiced intermittent fasting so today was a piece of cake, just without the cake. I finished the day with an apple cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne, lemon, cinnamon drink like usual to aid in digestion and cleansing.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.49.17 PM.png

Time seems to go by much much SLOWER when you don’t eat. I just kept telling myself that time doesn’t exist and these days would’ve past anyways. I think the key to the first few days is keeping yourself busy (I went to a basketball game), I don’t normally get hungry I just get bored so in turn I eat everything, but if you’re busy, problem solved. Stay Disciplined!


I deemed this the worst day. Wednesday is already my least favorite day of the week and not eating being added to it didn’t help. I felt really weak so I took a nap I woke up feeling mediocre, but all day my stomach wouldn’t stop growling at me and to add to this my father thought it was appropriate to bring a king cake home… I decided to have a warm hibiscus tea in order to calm my body down, regardless I went to bed at 1 am because I simply wasn’t weary.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.49.55 PM.png

I began the day feeling rather weak but as the day went on I felt great honestly, I’m hit with the idea of food, but I’m not actually hungry. Also I’m not really craving bad food, for some reason I want Mexican food which I don’t even like… Although the days seem to be going by slow I’m getting a lot done. I’m looking forward to my first meal.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 10.50.10 PM.png

Today I woke up rather refreshed,  I went to the gym and did a LIGHT workout to end my fast on a good note. I had small hunger pangs but luckily I had a good “first” meal to look forward to by going to a Mexican Restaurant and having a veggie fajita!

I am feeling very focused and in tune with my spirit and everything around me. I am extremely motivated to get in better shape and STAY in shape. My face has cleared up. I am more inspired and my brain wavelengths are much more clear.

With this experience I learned what hunger really is and my appetite for bad foods has diminished. I am thankful for this experience and experiment! I am looking forward and ready to take this year on full force! Fasting has and will shower me with nothing but good. Thank you.

Look Chloe and Megan! I didn’t die! What a world am I right?! ; )


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