Moon Manifesting

Tonight is the first full moon of the year.

The moon’s energy is at its peak so it’s the perfect time to manifest your goals and plan for the future.

I will make a entire post about manifestation, but for now I want to tell you how to efficiently manifest during the full moon

There’s a number of ways to go about manifesting its just a matter of which practice seems right to you. I’m going to share with you two ways that I have deemed most potent. You might want to start by doing this alone, because it is easier for you to doubt yourself and let judgement cloud your thoughts when you are with others.

First of all you’re going to want to be in a good state of mind, turn on some music, turn your lights off, and light a few candles. Now begin.


With a mood board you are going to simply get a poster board and then go on Tumblr and browse pictures that inspire you; what you want and who you want to be. Perhaps you really want to travel, search pictures of places you want to go, want to be, and stuff you want to experience. Remember, nothing is impossible. Glue these pictures onto the poster board in any way you choose. You can add glitter, stickers, or anything else that inspires you and your manifestations and voila! you’re done!


This is my favorite way because it is so simple. On the top of a sheet of paper right something like “I Command & Create…” or “I Manifest…” and jot down everything you wish for. Be careful not to start these commandments with “I want” or “I need”. Writing them in present tense starting with phrases like “I am” is more effective. Write from your heart not your head. After you are done write “Thank You” at the bottom and release it in to the universe.

Adding onto these rituals, pray for what you are manifesting as well using “Thank You” more than a lot. Make it known to God or the universe that you are thanking for the things you are manifesting for or something better, that you will not settle for less. When you are manifesting envision your life with these things/experiences. Have faith and never doubt that your manifestations aren’t possible.

I guarantee your wishes will come true, it’s just a matter of time!



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