Directed By: Wes Anderson


Wesley Wales Anderson or better known as Wes Anderson is a talented film director known for his exquisite visual and narrative style. He is a muse of mine, maybe because he has a illuminating mind or perhaps its because we share the same birthday and love for the cities of New York and Paris. Either way he is affecting. Recently I’ve been viewing life as if it was Directed by Anderson himself.

Things that are inspiring me at the moment:

  • Light. Whether its from the flickering of the orange street lamp or the pale yellow shining through the window.
  • Orange. A mix of red and yellow, my two favorite colors.
  • Toy Cameras, when the film is developed it looks almost dreamlike.
  • Teen Rebellion; running the streets at midnight, watching the sunrise on your roof, camping out at the beach.

Quite frequently I pretend that my eyes are the camera and i’m the director. I choose the storyline, the soundtrack, I imagine how everything would be and how everything would go.

Below I created collages crammed full of pictures and music inspiring the movie that I am forever capturing. Courtesy of Anderson and his illuminating mind.




Now go put on some swanky gas station sunglasses that give life a hue of the vibrant colours of your choice and create your very own blockbuster titled ‘Life’ directed by the Wes Anderson trapped in your soul.



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